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Thread: Cd-keys - Where To Find Them

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    I just got Call of Duty from the hash listed a few topics below, but I need a cd-key. Any help?


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    there should be an nfo or a keygen on one of the cds. In it you will get the key. It should be in a folder named cracks, or the nfo is a file you have to download seprate.

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    also posting keys and serials is not allowed acording to boardrules, but hey if someone has them maybe they could be sent to you in PM

    but as Neevakee told you they're probably in the nfo or diz file

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    forget playing online with a bogas key mate , if ya wanna play online ya gotta buy most games now

    or at least go to wall mart and steal the code while the chick aint lookin

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    hrmmmm.... newbies need 2 learn :sneaky1:

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    I sent pm a few hours ago. No thank you

    You're welcome
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    Hey, sorry. I didn't know about the rules for the no-posting of cd-keys. You said that one of the cd's for call of duty will have an NFO file in them? They're both bin files - so how would I go about extracting that information, exactly?

    Yes - I am a noob to this board - but if you play me in any FPS, I'll show you a thing or two...


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    anybody got a cs 1.6 cdkey or account they dont use cause I forgot my login and password

    pm please
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    I think you might be able to use a key from an earlier CS. Get one for like 5 bucks. Im not sure this works, its just something ive heard.
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