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Thread: Nero & Easy Cd - No Good For Vcds?

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    Every time I try to use Nero to burn a CD or VCD it crashes as soon as I try to add my chosen files (I have been able to use it before). I then downloaded v5.5.9.14, but that is still the same. I then BOUGHT Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6, which burns adui CDs ok but won't burn VCDs.

    Please can any one offer any help? I have looked on the Nero website but there doesn't seem to be anything on my specific problem.

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    make sue the movies you are adding to the project is a mpeg (4) it will work then. i ant up on burnnig movies though.

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    Thanks. Forgive my ignorance - I am trying to burn .avi files - will it work with them or do they have to be converted in some way?

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    When using the DVD Builder...drag the avi file into the builder (one of those blank squares) and put a blank cd burn and choose the the vcd will convert and burn from there.
    Sorry for the quick run down....on my way

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    I have tried that Skelley, but nothing happens! I drag the file to the builder and nothing seems to get transferred according to the space used box at the bottom.

    Nero seems a more user friendly program to use, anyone got any ideas why it shuts down as soon as I try and add stuff to the playlist?

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    Hi m8
    I have just done one with nero no probs.
    Used nero express,get it from kazza with key.
    Coppied svcd or cd or vcd no probs cheers Peter

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    My problem is that I can't get Nero or EasyCD to work properly - as I said, every time I try to burn an audio CD or VCD, Nero crashes out completely ( Easy CD6 just wont accept any .avi files at all. I now have loads of .avi files downloaded and no way of burning them to disc.

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    what operating system are u using, have you recently upgraded to Xp, i had problems re aspi drivers under Xp, sorted now with newer drivers.

    Nero will not burn .avi, they need to be converted first

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    Try Nero Burning ROM v.

    That's the latest version. I'm not sure if that will solve your problem.

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    Thanks Guys - have been using XP for ages. I'll try new drivers and Nero

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