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Thread: Vice City Mod

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    I got a bit bored with VC and decided to try some mods - I found a nice one here (Matrix online mod). Anyway, install went fine, loads OK, menu are good, save game loads - then the instant before the actual game is supposed to start, I get the windows error bleep and this :

    Unhandled exception at c0000005
    address : 004630ee
    Now is this just a glitch, botched install, a crappy mod or is there a more serious problem going on ?

    Any opinions appreciated.

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    dude, in java when an exception occurs, it is a pretty major fuck up....i'm not sure of it is the same for gta tho cos that is c++ (but probably is tho, concepts are usually universal).

    the person that made the mod didn't add code to handle the exception (an exception is thrown when an error occurs in the code that causes execution of the program to cease) e.g. the dude never wrote code to catch the exception once it was thrown due to certain circumstances, and to then handle it in an orderely mannner that would not affect the game, for example an error message that reverts back to original settings instead of fucking up.

    u should just uninstall the mod if you can.
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    when you install a mod you always should start a new game and save from there. did you just load from a different game? cause you should you start from a new game


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