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Thread: Overnet Lite

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    I just changed firewalls, im using zone alarm pro, when i used overnet lite for the first time, i got an alert from zone alarm that overnet wanted to send and receive emails.

    Is this normal or do i have something sinister lurking within my comp?

    Ran Ad-aware which found nothing.

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    Maybe you are connecting to a client that is using port 25 (SMTP).

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    I have Overnet Lite and Zone Alarm Pro and have not seen this before, but remember reading about it somewhere. Suggest you just make sure that you X the send mail column in program control just to be safe. Run AV as well to make sure all in order, but wouldn't be too worried about it - provided you installed the clean version of Overnet Lite of course.

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    I do use overnet lite.

    I have blocked the sending of email in programme control.

    Thanks all.

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    My Firewall reports outgoing connections on port 25 (smtp), why
    Nothing to worry. There is obviously another client that runs his ed2k client on port 25, usually because of restrictions from his ISP as mail ports are seldom throttled. You can set your emule to any port you like. It's not a law that port 25 is always SMTP, it's only usual behavior. So you will see other known applications ports being used like IMAP, PPTP, FTP. This is because your firewall software doesn't inspect the packet but just the destination port (not useful).

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    So i presume you mean its safe to allow the sending/receiving of emails by overnet lite?

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    it isn't sending emails, its just trying to connect to someone who is using port 25 to get around their network admin, like at a university with a super fast connection , zonealarm sucks because it gives false positives, youre only slowing your downloads by blocking those sources.


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