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Thread: Startup Question

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    Hey guys,

    Everytime I open my PC I have to choose between Linux, Linux Non-FB, Fail Safe, Windows, and Floppy. When I start my PC, the main OS is Linux. I was wondering if I can change that to Windows, since I use Windows more often.

    BTW can I reduce the number of seconds from 10 to 3, if I don't click anything.

    Thanks in advance

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    Edit your bootloader!

    Good luck.

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    which directory is it located in, and what do I edit


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    Grub - /boot/grub/grub.conf

    Lilo - /etc/lilo.conf
    When you're done editing lilo's file, you need to run "lilo", it may not be in your path, if its not then run /sbin/lilo.


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