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Thread: A Good Preview Player

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    Maybe an old question, I couldnīt play a preview of dat files(originaly avi.) not with videolan, kazaa datviewer or the way what are those letters attached to some avi. files like tmd. phx... and what is a dvdrip?
    thanks beforehand

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    if VideoLan wont play it, then nothing will - perhaps you havent downloaded enough yet, to preview

    the letters in a filename are the group that released it

    a DVD rip has been encoded from a DVD and therfore the best

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    Originally posted by AndrewBarker@14 May 2004 - 14:39
    if VideoLan wont play it, then nothing will(...)
    No, that's not completly true. BSPlayer seems to be capable to preview even thoes files that VideoLAN can't.

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    If the other players won't play it, maybe Media Player Classic will, but VideoLan is one of the best. I'm surprised it didn't work.

    The lettters usually stand for the people who ripped it or other things like language and the codec used. A DVD rip is a copy of a DVD. Now what you have has been ripped and compressed using a codec (usually DivX or XviD for .avi files). The same codec used to rip and encode can be used to watch the file. Maybe you don't have the right codecs (even though VideoLan has it's own)

    If you're gonna use a player other than VideoLan, try The Mega Codec Pack. That site also has the latest stable VideoLan. That could be it as well. Maybe you don't have the latest version.

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