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Thread: Too Many H/d

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    hi, on my start menu i have my 'my computer' set up as a link and when i pause on it and the menu is displayed it shows that i have 5 hard drives when i only have one. how can i remove the false h/d being displayed

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    i had similar to this before m8 with 6 cd-rom the end i reinstall'd windows i could'nt get rid of em...

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    eg exactly what start menu do you mean, ?

    if your have damon tools installed it will make as many drives as u require

    more explain plz

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    when i click on start on the task bar and then the menu pops up with 'all programs', 'search' etc on it, well my computer is one of them and when i pause on that my main drice 'c' and my floppy drive and my documents etc are listed, but there other drives listed aswell like drive f, drive g, drive h etc and none of these actually exist. (using win xp)


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