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Thread: Knight Rider?

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    Hi... I'm new on this forum and I am from Portugal so I've to apologize about my english language..That's the question:
    I download the game knight rider on kazaa , And i was asking to people if it was the real version for pc.
    And they were saying that this works on pc. Ok,Now When I'm trying to open the game a message appears:
    'Cannot find file C:\DOCUME~1\MARCOM~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Temporar Directory 1 for Knight Rider the game (myth).zip\Knight Rider The Game(myth).exe of its components.Check the ensure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are avaible.'
    Anyone could tell me what's happen?Or anyone passed for this situation....
    Thanks in advance.
    Sincerely yours

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    Nobody to help???

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    Make sure you extract the files into a folder first. Then try installing/running it.

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    Yes I have already did that... But without sucess.. Any ideas... Plz..?

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    What kind of files were in the .zip?

    Did you try installing it first like running the .bat or setup or whatever was in there?

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    Nope it is an application. When i said that I extracted them , I right-click on it and I go to ''Send to'' and ''Compressed (zipped)folder'' . And When I'm trying to open again , Then appears the same message...
    Obs:My Os is Windows xp professional.

    Experts??PLz help me

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