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Thread: Webpage Downloading Problem

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    hi people,

    how do i dowload full pages like THIS:
    which seems to be protected by scripts or something. the normal 'Save As' does not work

    i thought i could view the source codes/scripts for the page and try to download it, but its all blocked

    anybody knows what sort of trick is he using to block his pages like this??
    is there any program that can download pages protected like this? u know.. like by generating http headers to fool the website or maybe just find a work ard for it


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    it is a java aplett. no ay can you hack that. that is what banks use to tranfer money.

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    erm i do not think that banks use just java applets to protect their information.

    and i would ask the webmaster nicely if you could get a copy of the page for whatever purpose you want.

    or try something like meta products offline explorer


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