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Thread: Stuck Folks

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    Ok, heres the thing.

    I went on to the Kazaa Lite website, as I've recently reformatted the PC and wanted Kazaa back. SO I thought I'd do it legit, and pay for the 2 years service.

    In went the credit card details, and after I got my user name and password, I went to the download area where I expected to be able to d/load Kazaa Lite, but lo and behold, it was WinMX it was asking me to d/load and install.

    Kazaa Lite was nowhere to be seen. I've raised it with the people concerned, but I thought I'd ask you guys if you know where I'm going wrong.

    Cheers in advance


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    you have it all wrong, there is no kazaa lite that you pay for. kazaa lite is totally free, there is the kazaa media desktop gold which you pay for to get kazaa without ads, but that is not kazaa lite.

    try to get your credit card comapny to stop payments or whatever its called, and go to here to download kazaa lite...

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    Hmmmm, in that case, this website, is a very, VERY misleading site.

    Calling it for a start is awful.

    Aaah well, back to the drawing board, cheers for the link

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    Its like rossco said, you have been had, Klite is totally free. get your money back. There are plenty of download places you can find to get it for free. many versions too. There is Kazaa Lite 2.6 Release Candadite XX where XX is the version of the release, There is Kazaa Lite Ressurection, Kazza Lite Tools Version, just search the net and you will find one.

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    One can only assume that Sharman have stopped these bar stewards from selling any version of kazaa, which they would need to supply for their loader to work.

    The buggers are selling WinMX now, but still calling the site KazaaLite - and we're supposed to be stealing


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