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Thread: Winamp Playlist Creator 1.1

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    Winamp Playlist Creator 1.1


    The name of the program says it all: With Winamp Playlist Creator you can create playlists for Winamp easily and quickly. The tool isn't a plug-in for Winamp but a stand-alone application.

    The composition and creation of a playlist is done within seconds: Just pick the folder with the MP3-files, select the wanted songs, enter a name for the playlist, ready to go!

    The program can create playlists in both PLS- and M3U-format. Furthermore, Winamp Playlist Creator can read the ID3Tags of the MP3-files in order to create a more detailed playlist.
    New in Version 1.1: The tool now has an advanced mode which allows the user to pick a separate folder for the playlist and the songs. If the playlist is not located in the song folder, the playlist entries will be saved absolute (e.g. 'C:\MyMusic\song1.mp3&#39 or relative (e.g. '..\MyMusic\song1.mp3&#39. Furthermore I removed some bugs that appeared under Windows 98.


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    Thanks Sharedholder

    Soudns great -justwhat I was looking for ! as with Winamp you have to do each song one at a time, I have lots of artists in each of my folders, and it will be great to click on the songs I want.


    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    nice1 SH, been needing something like this, although odd gravity seems to be down, and after trying a dozen other links for the file, still havent managed to get it , but I found two others whilst trying which I'll have a look at till I get my hands on it
    PlayList Creator is a small application that features a wide range of functionality to create playlists (M3Us).
    File List Creator is a little utility that can help you manage and keep track of all your files. If you download a lot of binaries such as MP3s and compressed files and keep them on Zip disks or Cds, you will find File List Creator a great tool for you. File List Creator can help you create catalogs of any file types and save them as data files. Using File List Creator, you can create reports as lists and output them as text, Html or playlist file format, search for files, find duplicates. With File List Creator, you know exactly what you have and where they are. File List Creator is actually 5 programs in one, it's a file list maker, a data base, a mass MP3 renamer, a MP3 playlist maker and a mass ID3 tag Editor. It's very easy to use, small and fast.


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