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Thread: Hitman Contracts

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    Sorry if this question been asked b4.
    I downloaded Hitman_Contracts from 1.1gb
    now after the download is completed I cant make Hitman Contracts work????
    there are 4 files they are bin and .cue files so I can burn them they are .mdf / .mds
    first time i ve seen this kind of file I really dont know how to make it work. SO I came here for your help. IF you plz can solve the problem plz tell me


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    Wow y r so many ppl hafin probs wif hitman contracts?
    The most addicktive music in the world is...William hung's!! Nah jk he can just suck my hotdog.

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    do u know how to fix the problem?

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    you can use nero to burn the files

    open file -> select .bin files -> and burn B)

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    but which one is bin and which one is cue coz it doesnt say bin and cue

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    the big 1 would be considered the bin. i think those images are made with alcohal 120%. use that to burn or mount them.

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    Shouldn't really have downloaded that release. Burn them any way you want (or mount them), then find a crack from to avoid the piss about getting it to work.


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