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Thread: Name Of 2 Songs Please

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    There was a song on the radio about 1 year ago by a black group that featured a girl singing about having to go to "work" to keep her family going, it had a nice chorus. The guys were singing in rap style.

    D Ali G did a music video that featured lots of nice girls in gold bikini outfits what was the name of this song please.


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    The first song is by city high - what would you do....(i think)

    im not sure bout teh ali-g song but the song ali-g released was Me Julie with shaggy

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    Thanks Celery

    I Think you are right about the first one.

    The second one was on video and it featured some nice ladies in gold bikinis or skirts outside on a concrete path (I seem to remember) I only saw it once but it was a damn fine video.

    Any further suggestions ?

    I think it was Ali G


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    I thought it was me julie too think you can view it here to check

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    Sorry it was not What Do You Think by City High.

    It featured a girl chorus singing about basically not wanting to have to go on the streets to suport her family.

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