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Thread: Emule-kad Connection

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    does anyone have any imput on the kad network on emule? is it worth connecting to or not?
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    just like overnet, it will use up more overhead bandwidth, but if you need more sources for rare files it MIGHT help. but until all the regular ed2k servers go down, i wouldn&#39;t use it.

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    i found a source for van helsing on kad, seems ok...wasn&#39;t queued for long so i dought anyones using that alot

    worth trying if your bored

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    will kad run along with ed2k or should just one or the other be connected?
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    You can connect to both and I suggest you do that. I often get sources faster with Kad, and a big pro of searching Kad is that it doesn&#39;t display incomplete results.
    The overhead is a drawback, but I don&#39;t have a lot of trouble with that.


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