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Thread: Cant Forward Or Rewind .asf Files

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    Hey All,
    I searched this forum and the movie forum and couldnt find an answer, I also looked at the sites on the pinned topic. I have a few old .asf files that im having trouble with. Basically its all my old .asf files.
    The problem is I cant fast forward the files when theyre playing, I cant skip at all I have to watch the files from the begining. Im using WMP 9.0 and WinXP. I used to be able to fast forward using a different player eureka, but I cant now I think its because before I was using another version of windows.
    I know I can convert the file to another format but this takes forever for each file and I just want to watch them and be able to fast forward them without so much hasle.
    Is there any player or any easy way to do this???


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    Windows Media Player just sucks when it comes to playing it's own formats (asf and wmv).

    Try another player like Media Player Classic.

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    Nope zoom player and media player classic dont work.

    I think it might be because im using win XP, I think I read something that said that.

    Anything else I could use or do.

    I encoded one asf to wmv it took over an hour and went from a 150m file to a 600mb file and I have allot of these I dont wnat to do this every time,



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