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Thread: Method Man Tical Prequel

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    Anyone else think the bass on track 7 (The Turn) is really harsh? It overwhelmes the vocals, in my opinion....

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    "Out West"

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    Originally posted by UcanRock2@16 May 2004 - 17:35

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    nah not really,
    I wasn't sure how good this album would be, but so far after listening to it for about a week now... Its not bad, not bad..... the first single is off the hook yo

    "When I die...let it be...and when they come for me...Bury me a G."

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    It's one of the worst albums of the year.

    And coming from Method man? This is a great disappoint, as he is a very talented rapper. In fact, I consider him the second best in the WU (first of course being GZA).

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    Not heard the album yet, but isn't Method Man just a sell-out now? Him and Redman, working with Christina Aguilera, Limp Bizkit and God knows who else. Aren't they doing a sitcom later this year? Keepin' it real...

    But I agree, Meth was one of the best. Tical was one of my favourite Wu albums. On another note, how the hell do you do a prequel to an album?

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    Without a doubt......

    RZA is the best WU member.


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