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Thread: What Anime Series

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    and is/are they any good?

    Personally the ones i'm watching as they're released are:
    Hunter X Hunter (Greed island final ova)
    Bakuretsu Tenshi
    Ghost in the Shell (2nd Gig)
    Initial D (4th stage)

    And series that are already finished and I'm watching them now
    Hajime no Ippo

    I'd recommend any of them, but the ones that I'm enjoying the most are Planetes, Hunter X Hunter and Naruto

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    Bakuretsu Tenshi
    Wolf's rain
    and Cowboy Bebop (watching it for the third or fourth time, it's just so good&#33
    And I'm thinking about dowloading Ghost in the shell - Stand alone complex, is it good?

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    Naruto - Truely an addictive show
    Full Metal Alchemist - Awesome show, but it's gonna be harder to find since it's been licensed.
    and this isn't really anime and don't laugh, but I watch Sailor Moon Live Action with my friend. She used to be a big fan of Sailor Moon, so every week, I come over to watch and make fun of it with her.

    What I stopped watching recently:
    Chrno Crusade - is really good, but I lost track of it once it was licensed. I have to find the rest.
    Mezzo DSA - I stopped watching for no apparent reason, but it was pretty good
    Hundred Stories - is an awesome anime with a freaky dark art style
    Avenger - I have but haven't watched them all yet, but it's an awesome series
    Gilgamesh - same as above

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    Originally posted by Gurahl@15 May 2004 - 21:43
    Bakuretsu Tenshi
    Wolf&#39;s rain
    and Cowboy Bebop (watching it for the third or fourth time, it&#39;s just so good&#33
    And I&#39;m thinking about dowloading Ghost in the shell - Stand alone complex, is it good?
    Ghost in the shell - Stand alone complex, is AWESOME.....
    I&#39;m watching that at the moment....... I&#39;m also dl the new series

    I&#39;ve also watching/watched just recently:
    Cowboy Bebop
    Initial D 4th Stage huuuuuuuuuuu&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;
    Neon Genesis Evangelion

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    Originally posted by Xero Grid@15 May 2004 - 20:36
    Chrno Crusade - is really good, but I lost track of it once it was licensed. I have to find the rest.
    if you want older eps Click Here

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    Does spongebob count as anime?
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    Originally posted by destroyerofevil@16 May 2004 - 14:01
    Does spongebob count as anime?
    Not sure....does your post count as useless spam?

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    on something.
    Just started with Escaflowne and Shaman king, both seem all right.

    Rahxephon is great.
    GITS is also great.
    Hellsing is good.
    Full Metal Panic is good.
    Berserk is good.
    Neo Genesis was kinda&#39; good, would have been better if the ending hadn&#39;t gone all druggy.
    Trigun is fun, but lacks depth
    Darkstalkers is so so.
    Initial D is all right I suppose.
    So is the last incarnation of the Street Fighter franchise.
    Burn up Excess kinda&#39; sucked.

    Have more but have to check on the titles, only sharing some GITS and Hellsing and just a couple of eps from SK and escaflowne. And full-lenght animes of course, a whole bunch, Blood, X, Ninja scroll, Fist of the North star etc..

    Looking forward a lot to Argentosoma.

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    LOL. I&#39;ve been watching Sailor Moon Live Action too. A little too sugary for my taste but it&#39;s become quite adictive.

    I don&#39;t really know why but I&#39;ve been watching Hana Yori Dango and Gavitation, O.o

    I just haven&#39;t been able to find anything interesting these days, so I&#39;m watching pretty much whatever people tell me it&#39;s good. HYD was a freakin&#39; soup opera, but a good one, I don&#39;t regret watching it. Actually, it&#39;s one of the best anime I&#39;ve ever seen when it comes to character development.

    As for Gravitation, it&#39;s amusing. And that&#39;s about it.

    I like my anime apocalyptic, weird and with as much twists as posible. Which means I haven&#39;t really been watching anything interesting these days.

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    Shaman king

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