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Thread: All My Downloads Fail.

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    I just redirected My Shared Folder fromone half of my partitioned drive to the other, the one containing the folder has 6.0G of available space left in it. However when i go to dowload a file(song) on KazaaLite i get a "failed" message in the status column. Others can upload my files just fine, but downloading is not working for me.

    I'm using XP, and did not encounter this problem until i moved the shared folder.
    Thanks for any help.

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    When you move your "My Shared Folder" folder to a diffrent location, downloads that have been started before the replacement took place will fail due to diffrent info in them. Use K-dat to edit the designation folder for a complete download or make another folder for, named a placed in the same place as the old one, for the old downloads.

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    Or make sure that the old location where the files came from still exists on your computer.


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