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    i am trying to burn downloaded movies from kazza to cd-r but i can not find a good software to do this with. i was using dvd shrink but thats only for dvd to dvd i need something that cant take my avi, and divx files and put them on a cd-r that i can play in a dvd player. someone please help i'm a newbie so please leave a link to the software and is dvd squeeze good to do this with cause i tried it but the flaskmepg was not working HELP

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    Ok click this scroll down the page until you find Tmpgenc and then download that, and then install it. After that click this and install it. the first one (Tmpgenc) encodes your avi files to mpeg(svcd). it pretty much has a idiot proof wizard. then you use the second one (nero) to burn it to your cd-r.

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    check my sig on tips/trick to convert to vcd/svcd, you can also look into kvcd works great

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    Here you go

    i made a converting guide yesturday

    Converting Guide by BC-UK

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    oh yeah I havent tried Kvcd yet But everyone has said it is great so you should try that first! plus the tmpgenc that i gave you to download is already registered so you dont need a serial.


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