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Thread: Converting N Burning Advice

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    ok i download a movie n want to burn it to dvd. so 4 example ive recently downloaded movie which was .rar so i extract it n its bin/cue file. i then extract mpeg using vcd gear n then have to convert again to diff res mpeg so ican burn through tempgenc dvd author-phew!! ok so ive done this but somewhere along the line the sound has gone out of sync with mouth (looks like its dubbed) i think this was when extracted from bin/cue to mpeg with vcd! so my question is:

    1- is there an easier way to write the bin/cue file to dvd without doing all this?-tried nero but its in 3 parts n u can only burn 1. obv if download is diff format then its not too bad cos not so much to do!

    2-if not is there any software which can repair audio back into sync after extraction/conversion?

    cheers in advance
    soz 4 such long post!

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    You can just use the cue file to burn a VCD on a CD-R. A lot of DVD players will play VCDs. (check for your make & model capabilities)

    In Nero, click file, select "burn image" and open the cue file and Nero will use the bin file to burn/create the VCD.

    Since I haven't begun burning DVDs, I'm not sure if it's the same process when creating them.



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