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Thread: Edonkey & Emule Vs. Bittorrent Clients ?

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    B) What's up gang.
    I've never used eMule or eDonkey before. I currently run Bit Comet, a Bittorrent client. Could anyone who knows please tell me how the performance of eMule and eDonkey compare to Bittorrent clients? Are they better? Worse? How do the two stack up to each other?

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    slow but dependable > edonkey and emule


    quicker but lasts maybe a week or so >> then use bittorrent.

    Out of my p2p lifetime, ive only use bittorrent maybe 0.005%, emule 40%, winmx 25% and the rest was kazaa back in the days... (this is covering a few years btw)

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    Personally I prefer eMule (Plus). I have tried BT but its never been fantastic on my setup and I found eMule similar in layout to K++ (traffic window, search window etc) and so use that.

    The best advice would be to simply try them out. Its not that hard and you can uninstall any you don't want. Doing this allows you to see which software works best for you and isn't relying upon others views

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    Like thisiswhoweare says - BT is great for new releases, but if you are looking for older stuff then Emule/Overnet is the way to go.


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