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Thread: Klite Logs You?

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    I'm using XP. I stumbled on something strange, some dat files that contained tons of stuff from Kazaa lite. It showed a list of practically everything I've ever downloaded, what user I downloaded it from, and other stuff.

    It's in C:\Documents and Settings\"My user name"\Application data\Kazaa Lite\db

    There were six different files mostly .DBB files. Why is Kazaa Lite logging this stuff? Anyone know?

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    that is where the klite db folder is and all the editing and changes you have done are stored there.

    if you like you can delete the db folder when klite is off and when you restart klite it will make a new fresh one.

    But you will lose all the editing you have done on your files like title, artists and etc.

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    I've been busy over the last few years, any more of these in kazaa?
    Why females insist on putting the lid down is beyond me.

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    no there is only one db folder.

    it used to be in the same folder as klite itself but from build 2.4.x it was moved to the application data folder


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