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Thread: Wtf?

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    Every movie that I try to download comes out as a black screen when I attempt to preview it in AVI preview(Yes, they are AVI's that I'm downloading ). There are a few movies that I've downloaded recently that have come out ok but the new movies are always coming out as a black screen except for the 'DivX' symbol in the corner. Why is this? Do I just need to let them finish?

    FYI A couple of the movies I've been have troubles with are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Scary Movie 3, are just two examples.

    Yes I've read the FAQ.

    I looked for the 'Problems and Questions' section that used to be here be I didn't see it. Feel free to move it Mods if it's in the wrong place.

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    Use Videolan to preview movies.

    By Bye Thread.

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    Yeah move it mods

    We don't know tech shit in the lounge

    Personally I've had probs with that previewer, had it crash the prog or make a defect in the d/l or stop the d/l etc, so I don't use it. What are they like when you finshed the d/l?

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    Originally posted by J'Pol@16 May 2004 - 07:26
    Use Videolan to preview movies.

    By Bye Thread.
    Been there done that. Doesn't work.

    What are they like when you finshed the d/l?
    Black screen

    Movieworld? Not really a troubleshooting place....................... is it?

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    If it's a black screen with the DivX logo, it's a fake file. These bastards have taken do encoding a blank file that's still about 700-1000 MB in an effort to make u download fakes and they've been doing it for a while.

    My advice is that if u preview it and it does this, move on and try another file.

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    I second the above advice, also you shouldnt bother using kazaa for new movies, as they are likely to be fakes.

    I prefer newsgroups, you get full bandwidth. alternatively you can use mirc or bittorent.

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    Bittorent is approx. $2 per min

    and there's a ton of different choices on Google for for sites titled 'mirc'. Can you give me a link for it.


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