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Thread: *song Title*

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    If you were to write a song...

    What would the title be?

    What would the song be about?

    And which group/artist would you like to record it?

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    title-shut the fuck up,youre not my mom
    about-it would be about how people try to tell me what to and I say "shut the fuck up"
    artist-Queen :

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    I love cake and tea yep a song all bout the joys of cake n tea

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    Title - God Isn't Real
    About - All the ways that god is not real
    Artist - Some random Christian rock group
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    It would be called " I wrote a song about it, wanna hear it hear'd it go"

    It would be about " UMMMM me writing a song??? "

    The artist would be" Ummmmm ... ME??"

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