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Thread: How Do I Watch Movies ? ?

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    Hello....I have recently started to download movies....I spent alot of time downloading tears of the sun. it was two big files and when I clicked on it my ms windows media player opened, looked like it was starting to play but there was no video or sound. I thought/read something about codecs so I downloaded divx 5.0.3 player and installed it. I tried to run the first half of the movie again and the same thing happened. I went to Microsoft to update the codecs if that was the problem and it said everyhting was up to date.

    Can someone give me the readers digest version of what to do to watch this movie and get more or a link on what to do......I have looked all over on what to do with no luck

    What is the best player to download to watch these ?

    Here it the name of the movie etc: [tmd]Tears.of.the.Sun.(FTF).ts.(1of2).real do I need to change the ending of this file or anything to watch it on my microsoft media player series 9 ??


    James Alderson
    [email protected]

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    i usually use divx 5.0.3 player or microsoft media player

    and they both working just fine...

    maybe thr files that you DL are corrupted?

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    Well, I guess you've got a fake, since TMD rarely releases more than one copy.
    Use the verifieds, that will save you an awful lot of disappointment. The hash link for that movie is here:

    Tears of the sun

    And the best player seems to be bsplayer - you will find it on Kazaa, it's not a big file.

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    Maybe you dont have the codecs,try install this K-Lite Codec Pack ans see if ti works but you have to uninstall all your codecs first (DivX,xvid etc):
    K-Lite Codec Pack

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    I don't want to sound like I do not know what the heck I am doing, but I am not sure how to remove codecs ............this has ot to be simple to watch little brother has figured it out in less then 15 minutes.....what am i doing wrong

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    OK dude

    Download: K-Lite Codec PAck 1.7

    Are just ask your bro dude

    I tryed to help


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    Originally posted by jamesalderson@16 March 2003 - 11:42
    I don't want to sound like I do not know what the heck I am doing, but I am not sure how to remove codecs ............this has ot to be simple to watch little brother has figured it out in less then 15 minutes.....what am i doing wrong
    Ask your bro...
    Removing codecs is easy, you INSTALLED them right? So go UNINSTALL them. You know, Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the pack you had earlier.

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    I know you all mean well - but you are confusing the poor lad for no real reason.

    The file he quoted has been flagged as a FAKE by
    Even if he de- and reinstalls all his codecs, he still won't get it to work.

  9. Movies & TV   -   #9 downloading the above file and will re-download the do i know if i am getting fakes or real ones ?? thx 4 all this help

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    Read through all this and please don't get confused
    Originally posted by Me

    Tips for finding verified movies:

    After about 10 megs or 10% of the total DL of the movie, use Avipreview and see if its your movie.  Click the screen of Avipreview and an Index should pop up with some info.  If the video or audio part has 0 (zero), then its a fake.

    After searching and thinking you have enough users, expand the list so you can see all the users for that file by clicking the "+" box to the left of the title and scroll down and check to see if the filenames match up to the movie your looking for and read the yellow description boxes that pop up too.  Sometimes it will say if its a fake or not.

    Look at the length of the movie.  A trick I learned awhile ago is that any movie with the length of 1:02:08 is a fake. 

    Check the file size of the movie.  Make sure its reasonable.  Sometimes the movie is split into two or three parts for easier downloading.

    Check the hashes in the verifieds.  That will usually say if a movie is out or not and will usually tell of its quality.  Always check the verifieds first before looking for a movie which will save you some time.

    The idea of verified files is so that you know they exist. The Sig2Dat hashes are just a way to help get you started on the download. You still have to search for them. Kazaa constantly searches while you are downloading for more users. Searching manually just helps speed up that process.  Running a type of speed-up (Sharemonkey or KaZap) will help Kazaa try and connect to the sources you find.
    PL has nothing to do with speeds but priority on downloads(only on normal kazaa users)
    You can only download as fast as someone else can upload.
    You can only download if the other user has an open upload slot.
    Get rid of Ad-ware/Spyware and the like.
    Make sure your system is optimized for your connection (use a program like Dr. TCP or CableNut)
    If your downloading rare files, of course its going to be slow!
    More sources usually=better speed
    Speeds vary on what you download sometimes...
    Also try, or and test your speed there. If it matches your advertised speeds (what your ISP told you it was) then its not your fault. Also, try programs like Dr. TCP, CableNut or TCP/IP Optimizer...all found on either site.


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