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Thread: Is There A Multiplayer Crack For Cod?

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    I already applied some kind of MP crack from Deviance, but whenever I go to a multiplayer game that isn't highlighted in green, (hmm), it says that its' "verifying my cd-key" which doesn't sound like something I really want to do.

    So, the moral of the story is: Is there some crack I can apply to play on ALL the servers?


    PS - For all you kids out there struggling to get the game running correctly, this is what I did: I used CDMage to repair a bunch of damaged files on CD1, then I installed it via Daemon Tools. Then, I took the cd1 bin file, created a cue for it, and then burnt it to a cd. I took the cracks for both the SP and MP and replaced them accordingly. She works like a beaut!

    If you need any more assistance on that, give me a PM.

    Rock on.

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