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Thread: Free Webhost

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    I'm looking for a webhost.. with these features:

    Instant account activation
    500 MB bandwidth or more
    Image Hotlinking allowed
    99.9% uptime
    No expiration (optional though)

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    yo i don't think there is a host that offers that much that is free

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    if you want that kind of features you'll probably have to pay for it. you could always be your own host by setting up a webserver. Check out the Apache program, and you might also want to check put PHP and MySQL.

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    If you manage to get something like this, they'll do something like limit your attachments to 500KB or under, and you'll have to log in once every day or it'll be closed forever.

    However, I did find this link which may help...

    I do recommend Dark Blizzard though. Excellent customer service and no downtime whatsoever. It is of course not free, but can you really not afford $3.99 a month for the cheapest package?


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