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Thread: Deleted Music

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    Can someone help me out. I have deleted on accident over 2,000 songs and would like to retrieve them ,if this is possilbe. I deleted them from Kazaa thinking they were saved on Music Match Jukebox, I was wrong. I am running Windows 2000 and have not closed Kazaa or turn off the computer. Please help if there is some.

    Bryan ponder

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    OnTrack EasyRecovery Pro or EnCase

    Google them

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    go back in time thats if ur windows can do it

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    If you're using MusicMatch, go to Programs/MusicMatch Jukebox...and open the "Library" folder.

    Should find a folder named "Default.ddf".

    Click on Open, select MusicMatch to open it, there's a copy of your music.

    I suggest in the your music to disc, or make copies and put it in a different folder than "My Shared Folder"

    My music is in 3 different places on 2 hard drives.

    Hope this helps.

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    try downloadin "go back"


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