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Thread: Found The Core But... A Problem

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    I used AviPreview to preview them and I got the first 6 seconds on part 1 and the first 4 seconds on part two. They seemed real but after checking them when they're almost finished, the same time is there, it never continued. I opened it using WMP and it had this error: "Windows Media Player has encountered an unknown error". I use BSplayer and it just freezes. I think it's a fake, but so many people already have it and was just wondering if it's my computer.

    I'm using K-Lite codec Pack 1.5 btw. I'm going to try 2.0 and see what happens.

    Here are the hashes in case anyone wants to try it:


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    Nevermind... now I KNOW this is a fake. I used VideoLAN and samething happened when previewed in AVIpreview. I got K-Lite codec pack 2.0 and still no luck.

    I'll keep looking for a verified though...

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    Yep, it's gone now. I hate those bubble CAM crap... like I found Tears of the Sun two weeks before release but I couldn't stand it. Thanks anyway.


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