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Thread: Magic Folders...

  1. #1 friend just installed this encryption program called magic folders and challenged me to just be able to view the files inside the folder he has hidden...tried a lot on the web but cudnt find is there anything which will show me what is hidden inside the encrypted folder..or have i lost the challenge

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    Thats sounds pretty pointless, but anways there are programs that crack passwords, i dont know the names of any off the top of my head.

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    It does not seem to have a Encryption function so yes you can. I am guessing it is using a driver or some sort of special "system" folder function (i.e check out "Downloaded Program Files" "fonts" "History". What you see is not really there). Disable the program or make a boot disk and acess it from there

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    uninstall magic folders,
    since you dont have the password
    he will, lose all hidden his files


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