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Thread: Djs Fired For Making Fun Of Beheading

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    DJs fired for making fun of beheading

    Associated Press
    May. 14, 2004 04:00 PM

    PORTLAND, Ore. - Two disc jockeys were fired after playing an audiotape of the beheading of American Nick Berg by Iraqi militants, and cracking jokes about the grisly death.

    Listeners called the radio station to complain after hearing Berg's bloodcurdling screams in the broadcast of the tape, followed by the DJs laughing and playing musical accompaniments.

    The DJs, known as Marconi and Tiny, were fired Thursday from their morning show perch at Portland's KNRK-FM, which is owned by Pennsylvania-based Entercom Communications Corp. Their producer, known as "Nickie J," also was fired. Station employees would not release the legal names of the three.

    "It was so over-the-top that I don't know that there is any logical, appropriate way to attempt to spin it," Clark Ryan, Entercom's vice president for FM operations in Portland, said Friday.

    The station's manager sent an apology out over the airwaves, saying: "The actions of the KNRK news morning show were insensitive, inappropriate and repulsive. On behalf of Entercom Portland and KNRK, I apologize to our listeners."

    Immediately after the broadcast, the DJs were suspended, and then fired the next day, Ryan said. The station specializes in new rock and alternative music from the 1990s.

    One of the DJs apologized on his Web site, posting a statement that read, "I have become so numb to the horrific things that happen in this world that I sometimes forget there are still people who feel. I in no way meant to be insensitive to anyone. My comments on this were inapropriate (sic)."

    Berg's headless body was found Saturday in Baghdad. Three days later, a videotape posted on an al-Qaida-related Web site showed him decapitated by hooded, armed men.
    Shut that cuntís mouth or Iíll come over there and fuckstart her head.

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    There's no need for a speech about "people insensitive to the horrors of the world should not...blahblahblah".

    Simply put, they need their ass kicked...preferably by a Berg family member.
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    People with their heads cut off can still scream?

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    Wow... how can someone even joke about something like that. That is sick and insensitive.

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    if they violate the station's policy, management is fully justified in firing them. as for telling such jokes on their own time... well, it's a free country, man. does anybody else miss Jonbenet Ramsey jokes? those were the good old days.

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    I dont understand how they can live with that on their concience.imagine how their mothers feel knowing their sons poked fun at a horrible death that shouldnt of happend?

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    Saying something like that,you know there going to get there ass's kick'd.I know i wouldn't mind giving them a few good kick in the face.

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    Murder is and should not be a joke what of the familys of the dead

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    unless it's the OJ Simspon case, then we can have a good laugh

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