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Thread: .bin Video Files

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    I have partly downloaded some video files from kazaa lite tools k++ with .bin extensions. I can normally preview other partial downloada with windows media player but I simply get an error message.
    I have the Standard klite codecs pack installed.
    Do I need additional software or codecs?
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Many Thanks

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    you cant preview cue / bin files or rar type formats with wmp

    use videolan vlc to preview just about everything mate

    Videolan Vlc

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    .bin isn't a movie format, it's an image file of a whole cd (in this case probably a VideoCD or SuperVideoCD)

    1) Try VideoLAN
    2) Burn the image files
    3) Extract the data out of the .bin

    For 2/3, see softwareworld or search on Google.


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