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Thread: Stupid Gain/gator Apps.....

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    does anyone know how to remove the gain/gator pop ups??? its not in my control panel/add or remove apps for sum reason....and its starting to annoy me now.


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    Use Ad-Aware or SpyBot Search and Destroy to remove them. Search Kazaa for the a free Plus or free Pro version of Ad-Aware.

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    Most importantly, don't use KMD... use K++... maybe you are already using it, but this post gave me the impression that you aren't...

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    u probably got it from the Divxprogain bundle, heres where there at, C:\Program files\common files\GMT\ that's where the gator is always hiding, and there is another one in there as well probably, look for it, it's call CMesys.exe, in another folder, part of the gator project as well I think.

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    Ya, use Ad-aware 6 Pro to remove it. It fairly easy to find on kazaa and should remove all that spyware and adware.

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    if u just deleted those folders it works fine, and then run a little system mechanic.

    P.S. I've been using a free software called spybot lately, works damn good for me.

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    Yes that is exactly where he got his gain from. Downloading DivX Pro Bundle. I made the same mistake and found this new anti spy ware program called Pest Patrol. It is fairly new out there but I just downloaded it last night just for that reason (Gain) and it Zapped it off my pc Go to Pest Patrol dot com and take a look! Everybody has their choices on different spyware progs but I like this one.

    Update: You can download Pest Patrol off Kazaa which the version is 3.2 with the serial included. After you have installed it go to the website to update the software to version 4.2 which has more features included.


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