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Thread: Deleted .dat File Repair

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    hi guys!

    i was downloading several files when my computer crashed. i restarted, when starting kazaa lite k++ (v. 2.43) i realized that the files were gone (even the .dat-files were missing). i used a unerase-tool, found them and copied them back to the msf-directory. when i started kazaa again, they were deleted
    i read something in this forum about corrupted downloads, insufficient disk-space and so on... but: how can i repair and resume this downloads? is there a way to do so?



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    kazaa deletes corrupted files.

    u can use kazaa corruption fixer to download the remaining portions of our file without restarting the download.

    if ur corrupted dat files r small (couple of MBs) then just redownload the whole thing again instead of going thru all this trouble


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