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Thread: Boot Up Problem

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    i just deleted the hard drive space (E where red hat was installed. i deleted it with partition magic.....

    now the windows wont load up, i am not getting any clear msgs or anything all i get is a word GRUB, dont know what it means anyway if any of ya knows about this particular problem then suggestions are more then welcome.

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    If you have an xp disk then put it in, boot from it and go in the recovery console and do a:


    and a

    bootcfg /rebuild

    That should add your defualt windows boot entry to the mbr and replace grub. If that does'nt work then you'll have to try and delete grub from the grub shell or whatever you get when you boot, type help at the grub menu for a list of commands.

    Next time unless your sure you want to keep linux just use a boot floppy to boot your system instead of a bootloader. Grub is much more easy to replace or delete than lilo.

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