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    well this is the whole story i have downloaded some movies off of kazaa using sig2dat on fast track movies(share the files) but when i try to put dvd rips on a dvd+r disc its always to big i thought that if it was a dvd+ r any one movie would fit on the disc except something like scareface. so i was wondering if there is a software that will make the avi,divx and dvd rips files small enough to fit on 4.7gbs dvd+ r. i was using sonic my dvd i tried dvd squeeze,dvd shrink, nero 6, and i have roxio 6. are any of these the right one oh yah i also have something called tmpgenc and i am not sure but i think it is encoding my movies for me does this means that i will be able to burn the dvd HELP. please give links to software,websites or anything that can help me out.

    sincerely yours
    the newbie

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    seach on kazaa


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