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Thread: Using Kazaa Lite Behind A Firewall.

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    Hello everybody,
    I can't connect with Kazaa Lite from my PC at work since the network administrators activated a firewall, following the company's policy about network use. As far as I know this firewall is configured to reject all outgoing connections (and probably UDP packets, too) to a port >= 1024.
    The only services they allow us to use is the www (80), mail services (ports 25 and 110) and I know that ssh works too.
    Is it possible by any chance to have this computer connected to Kazaa and download files? Can someone tell me please the software and the configuration I need to overcome this problem? I do not have a windows PC in the other side of the firewall available, but I have access to a Linux machine with simple-user priviledges (I'm telling this info in case it's useful).
    Please, help me...
    Thanks in advance.

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