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Thread: 2 Security Checks..different Results?

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    Just done a security check with Symantec Online, and also Sygate (which is my firewall)
    Sygate reports everything closed and no problems, but Symantec reports this :-

    ICMP Ping Ping. Ping is a network troubleshooting utility. It asks your computer to acknowledge its existence. If your computer responds positively to a ping, hackers are more likely to target your computer.  PORT OPEN......Solution - Get a firewall!! 
    Can anyone explain why the difference, and if there is a risk, how to configure Sygate to close it.

    Many Thanks.

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    I think this is just something symantec uses to convince you to buy their software

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    Yes I did think about that, and then thought....noooo..they wouldnt do that.....would they??

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    Originally posted by kennyboy@18 May 2004 - 05:54
    Yes I did think about that, and then thought....noooo..they wouldnt do that.....would they??
    try this test: click here.

    go to the tests and choose common ports, then at the top of the new page, after the test, it tells you if you responded to the ping...

    if you have a router, you can disable it somewhere in the options (i had to do that, so i know it is there) but im not to sure how to do it with your computer. although im sure its easy.

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    pinging is hardly gonna get ur pc hacked lol, it is mainly used as a callout to see if the pc is there. it sends out packets and waits for them 2 be retreived 2 get the ping.

    it is fine just to let it stay as it is

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    Many Thanks for all your replies. Tried the Gibson site, and it was much more re-assuring.

    Thanks again


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