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Thread: Nod32 Pro, Agv Pro, Sygate Pro, X-cleaner Pro, Spy

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    Currently use VCatch and NoAdware (both of which I paid for) and Sygate Trial Version but they are sod all use: I can’t get rid of “Ntsearch” and “Omegasearch” and they are truly driving me nuts

    “Ntsearch” underlines keywords on all webpages & whenever I click them I get referred not to the product I want but to the “Ntsearch” homepage.
    “Omegasearch” automatically adds itself to my Startpage and changes my Favorites.

    So, does anyone on Kazaa Lite have verified download links for:
    NOD32 Pro, AVG Pro, Sygate Pro, X-Cleaner Pro, Spybot Pro???

    Would be SO MUCH appreciated

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    You want only PRO ?? Get SYGATE FREE cause is good like the pro , get Ad-aware & Spybot Free cause are the best , VCatch and NoAdware are two scam programs , as for a antivirus get AVG Free Edition.

    Sygate Personal Firewall

    Ad-aware Standard Edition

    Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.3

    AVG Free Edition

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    Thank you both very much Error403 and sharedholder!

    I am no computer whizz, so I rely on the advice of people like you who are


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