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Thread: Has Anyone Heard Of Pexit?

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    Has anyone heard anything about pexit ( It's supposed to be the next Trillian (it supports AIM, ICQ, YH, MSN and IRC) but it's also supposed to support file sharing. Interesting, I guess, but I've never heard anything about it. Is it new?

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    i had v1.13 back in feburary of `03 i didn't have much luck with it, as i recall
    but i see theyre up to version 2.3 now, i guess i'll try it again

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    I've been playing around with it a bit, and the cool thing about it is that it supports multi-protocol chatting. You can set up a chat room with it (they call them zones), and place people using various IMs into it and not only can you communicate with them, but they can communicate with eachother. It was kinda cool to have my buddies on yahoo be able to talk to my buddies on MSN. At first they didn't know what the heck was going on or how I was doing it.


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