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Thread: Splinter Cell!

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    ok so now that ure here, my splinter cells graphics settings r at the lowest. The video card settings r set to anti-alias off. (RADEON 7000 64mb oem-sapphire). The game is still running slow and the movement is pretty jerky, not easily playable.

    Is there any way to reduce the graphics more or make is run smoother?

    p4 1.7 ghz
    256 DDR
    winXP pro
    radeon 7000 64mb
    soundBlast. 5.1 oem <<these r above the recommended pc specs.
    directx 9

    thanks for your help.

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    Buy A New gfx card dude, i had a radion 7000 and their seriously outdated, i got a 9000 pro 128mb saphire for 80 and it kicks ass with all new games, even tho my proccesors only 1.4gig.

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    thanks man, but
    i just got this card, and im not a serious gamer&#33;
    so the graphics card is the only problem?

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    Sounds like it dude, i got C&C Generals the other week and mine was the same, laggy and slow, so i got a new card and it kicks ass, the core speed of the 7000 jus cant hack it, plus splinter cells a beast of a game for specs&#33; B)

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    OR try this: install the new game IL2:Forgotten Battles....if you have ANY lag, you need a new vid card...THIS thing req&#39;s TONS of everything so it&#39;s a pretty good test


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    weird cos i am running a built in to the motherboard geforce 2 with only 32MB ram and my splinter cell runs great
    my specs are
    1.3Ghz Duron
    384 mb ram
    on board sound
    on board geforce 2 with 32MB of shared ram
    win xp home

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    OI dont false advertise your forum topic&#33; Its cheeky

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    Does splinter cell have an auto configure?
    If so.use it
    also with that card you should be running it at 800x600 MAX
    and yes don&#39;t false advertise

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    Ok all I have is a crap GFX Card I think the rest is good

    AMD Athlon XP 1.7
    480 RAM
    Sound card do not know
    S3 Graphics Inc. ProSavage which is shit can&#39;t play any games :&#39;(
    Win XP Home

    What u think I really want to play all these cool games

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    i apologize about the false advertising guys but i thought more ppl would check this out.
    the resolutions is at 640X480 and all the detail settings r on low. anti-alias is off and the graphics card settings (filters and such) are also off. also i have new drivers (catalyst 2.5).
    is the problem the RAM?, cuz RAZZ has more than me. the vid card is 64megs&#33;
    i also have the new patch (which crashes the first training mission for some reason.)
    so i think it is the RAM? should i turn off av and fire to speed it up?
    thanks guys&#33;

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