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    my game wont let me load a saved game. i tried getting the save game fix fix and it doesnt work. what else can i do???? my computer specs are
    935 pentium 3
    254mb ram
    windows me

    im not sure of my video card memory but i can run gta 3 it just crashes if i load a game. sometimes it crashes when im playing.

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    are u sure u have enuff space! lololz how much space u got left!

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    i got a 20 gig hard drive w/ 4.53 gigs free.

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    ooo...ummm are you sure you saved... lol... maybe itz da game...? have you tried dlin another one? or is it real?

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    im 100% i saved. its only crashed like 4-5 times while playing it. but loading my saved game it always crashes

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    anyone? well i got the patch to work and i can load saved games now but it still crashes wayyyyy to often anyone else have this problem???

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    erm have u installed any mods? because with sum mods it requires u to start a new game. if u have you have ya sound up u can tell if the game has crashed when u turn it on. when u load up a save game listen when the bar is nearly at the top. if it crashes u will hear "ting" sound that u get when a Error messege come up. if u dont hear this i dont have a clue. i had that problem but the patch has cured it. the only problem i have is that i have loads of NO-CD patchs that dont work.

    hope i have helped



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