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Thread: Asus Motherboard

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    Can anyone please help me?, i have bought an asus motherboard with a 1.5 ghz chip, i intalled everything and it works fine but when i turn it on it says "hardware monitor has found an error, enter power setup menu for details". in power setup it shows the temperature of the fan, volts, etc, but it does doesnt tell what the problem is, can anyone help out on this please?

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    sounds like u didnt hook up a temp sensor or something probly no big deal if every thing is working

    note: id see if i could fix it befoer i did any overclocking if i was u

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    isnt the clocking thing preset? i mean like doesnt the bios do everything for you already? and you dont have to configure it yourself?

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    i didnt have to configure anything beacuse it works but the manual does not tell wwhat setting to leave at and what temperature and volts it should be


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