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Thread: Trying To Understand Port Forwarding

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    When I looked up port forwarding, my router manual only told me to consult my router manual. Not very helpful.

    So, I can find countless sources for files on Kazaa lite. The sources will pile up on the traffic page, but then disappear before they ever start to download. One will sometimes stay and seem to be downloading, but it never get faster than 0.05 Kb/s. I get this result eitehr using a router and wireless connection or connecting the computer directly to the cable modem. My old computer running Windows 98 worked fine when connected to the modem, but the new one running XP won't work at all.

    I know that I need to circumvent my firewalls somehow, but I know little of these things. I am trying to add Kazaa lite to my Wireless Network Connection Properties Settings> Advances Settings> Add Services window.

    1. Is this the right approach?

    2. How do I know what to put in the four lines:
    -Descpition of Service (I assume just Kazaa Lite)
    -Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network (Is this my LAN IP that KaNAT finds?)
    -External Port number for this service (I have no clue.)
    -Internal Port number for this service (Is this Kazaa Port, as listed in KaNAT?)

    Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Turn off XP firewall. Go to network setting, right click the connection you use and go to properties/advanced and uncheck box for the ICF (internet connection firewall).


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