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    Hiyas, I'm new in this forum. Anyway, what i wanna know, is really, where do i fit in? I deal mostly with music video files. Not exactly music, but then again, definately not moives, persay. Eh, just another lost soul floundering in cyberspace

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    I would say that you fit in anywhere! It seems that most people comment or help on a topic that either interests them, or they can help with....personally I just pop up here and there!

    If you have specific requests and comments on music videos then you can put them either on file sharing, the lounge, music world etc....but then sometimes a question is more tech than music and fits elsewhere, just join in where you feel its appropriate and you will be ok.. I am new too, and find that most people are pretty friendly here.


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    Yep, you fit in anywhere and everywhere! It's the place you like to answer questions and the like that makes you want to stay. If you deal more with music videos, then the music section. If your good with comupters and know some answers or suggestions to people with problems, then everywhere.


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    aww, shucks, thanks guys. Seriously, I've quite a list of files, but what I'm really looking for is 80's hairband, and speedmetal videos. One big question, is there anyway to set up a friends list within Kazaalite? a way to connect to spesific users to share spesific files? Seems to me that the guys I end up downloading from seem to be, for the most part, the same guys over and over and over agian. I'd just be nice to be able to hook up to them directly, and them to me.

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    I dont kow about withing the kazaalite, but for music there is SoulSeek. And you could use IRC and FTP and all that... many programs and options available.

    For me, im trying to share my own music and it helped to use Kazupernodes program and i added hashes for people to find my pc in the K-Lite.

    here's the jump:
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