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Thread: 24/7 Dial Up Acess

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    i got Dial-up and i got 2 phone lines so one of them is for the internet and one for the phone, but my ISP disconnects me every 4 hours which normally i wouldnt care about but im downloadin this 700mg file from mIRC and every time it disconnects me i loose my place in the que and as u could imagin being on 56k i cant afford for that to happen. So can I stop it from disconnecting every 4 hours? Thanks.

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    Get broadband? Dialup connection is reset at the ISP's end. You can't stop them disconnecting you.

    Get a mate with adsl to dl the file for you instead... 700MB is far too ambitious (and slow) with dialup.

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    i cant get broadband im outa range and knowone i know has broadband or knows hot to use mIRC

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    if you want to sell your soul to lucifer; AOL doesn't limit the amount of time you can stay connected to the net with their DU service. I'm not sure if any other dial up ISP offers that.

    you ever thought about satalite broadband? providing you do not live in a cave that will be available in your area.
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    where are you in i am in florida and use internet juntion and never get kicked stay on for days at a time

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    In the UK, two hourly cutoffs are the norm, bet no one can beat that.
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