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Thread: Windows Xp Home Edition

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    Can you tell me please the best version fo windows xp HOME not PRO thanks and is their any guides on the net that you can make this o/s bootable to reformatot and reinstall and that.

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    There's not too many different "versions."
    You can make your own disk SlipStreamed with SP1 and even better an unattended disk that installs software for you.

    BTW, Pro is simply better than Home. Everyone else will tell you that because we've all been there.

    A reformat and install is done by the disk. It's all really simple. You can just chose to wipe everything out, use the NTFS file system with the default allocation size and install. That's it unless you want to create somethinga bit more elaborate like create partitions, for example, one for Windows and one for you stuff, which is much safer. You can partition with either the disk or free tools from The Ultimate Boot CD.

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