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Thread: 7thelement = Darker

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    Okay, I talked to rookie as said and with his blessing I've decided to come clean to the board.

    A few of the old-timers will remember the fiasco of what happened after Jon went, then Darker appeared. The guy who was polite, started The Lounge radio station, etc. Then we went and 7thElement took over. In the past, there's been some rumours of Darker & 7thElement being the same. Well, they were both Marc. And yes, I knew about it when I was the Radio Station Manager.

    The reason given to me was that a few people that knew him in real life were trying to make his life hell, and were the kind of people to provide personal RL information about him, etc to sabotage his businesses - and that he changed his identity to evade them.

    As the Radio Station Manager (at the time) I was told about this information and sworn to secrecy myself in case Marc decided to pull the plug on the forum. Looking back, it may have been that he was bluffing but I sure as hell did not want to take that chance so I kept the secret, hell even did my part to keep it a secret at times. I'm pissed off/kicking myself over it after reading Rookie's confessions about 7th and I feel you guys had a right to know about this, if a little late.

    I was not the only person on the Lounge who knew about this - There are at least 7-9 other people who knew and were in on keeping Marc's dual-identity a secret. However, I'm not the kind of arsehole to put them on the spot when I wish to be the one to confess - They can say that they knew here if they want.

    In my next post below is the chat log from the first IM conversations with Marc about this (MSN doesn't keep records - But Trillian does ). I'll post more onwards, but I believe it's not a good idea to post them all at once (as I'd be here for five hours then )

    Coming clean on this is part of my apology to the community for being an dick when 7th was running the place. Like I said in the other topic, I'm sorry for everyone I pissed off on this issue.


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    Note - I did not use the alias "Illuminati" as my alias. I actually used at the time "Feel free to listen to my NEW radio show, Illuminati Radio, Saturdays at The Lounge ( ", but I don't think seeing that god knows how many times would help :)

    Originally posted by Conversation log with Darker@ my Trillian directory
    Session Start ( Development): Sat Nov 29 22:32:14 2003
    [22:32] Darker Development: morning mr radio :p
    [22:32] Illuminati: Heh - The spectre surfaces :)
    [22:32] Darker Development: well lets better call it night lol
    [22:32] Darker Development: dont know why i said morning hehe
    [22:33] Illuminati: Probably the first thing that came to your head :)
    [22:33] Darker Development: maybe lol
    [22:33] Illuminati: So how the hell you been doing?  I hadn't heard from you since the forum changes hands :S
    [22:33] Darker Development: i am 7th element
    [22:33] Darker Development: but thats a secret
    [22:33] Darker Development: :)
    [22:33] Illuminati: o_O
    [22:33] Darker Development: it has reasons why i changed names
    [22:33] Illuminati: Are you shitting me?
    [22:33] Darker Development: and i dont want that anybody knows
    [22:34] Illuminati: Okay, fine - I'll keep it secret
    [22:34] Illuminati: Nice alibi though - Even I was convinced :D
    [22:34] Darker Development: my brother will die soon and some people did know that i host the KL board
    [22:34] Darker Development: so to make sure that they dont abuse this knowledgement about my brother and insult me i changed my nick to disappear
    [22:34] Illuminati: Terminal illness?
    [22:35] Darker Development: car crash
    [22:35] Darker Development: he will make it more or less a week or so :(
    [22:35] Illuminati: Oh god - I'm sorry for you :(
    [22:35] Darker Development: so well before people that hate me talk about it i had to disappear
    [22:35] Darker Development: cause i dont handle it that good and dont want that they start
    [22:35] Illuminati: Does anyone else from the forum know about all this? 
    [22:36] Darker Development: all mods
    [22:36] Darker Development: and well vb / paul
    [22:36] Illuminati: The mod room?
    [22:36] Darker Development: yup all mods know it
    [22:36] Darker Development: posted it to our team chat
    [22:36] Illuminati: Did all this - and 7th element - affect VB's leave?
    [22:36] Illuminati: Or was that a co-incidence?
    [22:36] Darker Development: nope he wanted to leave cause he had not much time
    [22:37] Illuminati: Ah
    [22:37] Darker Development: so he asked me if i want to take over
    [22:37] Darker Development: i said yes and used it to get rid of darker
    [22:37] Illuminati: Opportunist, I see ;)
    [22:37] Darker Development: well it did fit good in my plans to leave
    [22:38] Illuminati: Well I can say right now, as long as no-one in the know slips, the secret will hold for a long while
    [22:38] Illuminati: You didn't leave any strings to unravel
    [22:39] Darker Development: well i think nobody will notice i changed the way i post etc and well
    [22:39] Darker Development: since i switched servers it looks very real :)
    [22:39] Darker Development: and thats good
    [22:40] Illuminati: Yep - You pretty much have the forum conned hook, line and sinker
    [22:41] Illuminati: Any chance I can offer a suggestion though, for the near future?
    [22:41] Darker Development: depends on the idea :p
    [22:41] Illuminati: Amongst the other things, do you really want to be managing the radio station next week with your brother in that condition?
    [22:42] Illuminati: Ever thought about putting Lamsey in as a temporary admin for the station?
    [22:42] Darker Development: we are already talking about additional admins
    [22:42] Illuminati: Think about it - All many see if an admin getting used for the forum.  They won't argue about it
    [22:42] Illuminati: And it lets you...I mean, 7th ;) slip away for a bit
    [22:43] Darker Development: since everything will be managed on the board mods will have access to the event calendar anyway :)
    [22:43] Illuminati: With Paul also being admin at the board, you can take a breather off the community and see to your brother for as long as needed
    [22:44] Darker Development: he will be at home starting from tomorrow we will handle it all here to make sure that he stays here :)
    [22:44] Darker Development: and to tell you the truth it does help a lot to kill time to do board stuff
    [22:44] Illuminati: How bad a condition is he in?
    [22:44] Darker Development: hard to say... nobody really knows but most people think that everything will end soon
    [22:44] Darker Development: thats why we transfer him home
    [22:45] Illuminati: Well like I said, it may be an idea to give Lamsey temporary admin access to the station. 
    [22:46] Illuminati: In effect, he and myself are the only ones who've been doing the Lounge for a bit, bar Wizz
    [22:46] Illuminati: And with the moderators - He can take full control of the situation :)
    [22:47] Darker Development: well we will work this weeks on additional info etc to make sure people know what all is about
    [22:47] Illuminati: Of course :)
    [22:47] Darker Development: its just a bit work to merge it with the boards since nothing is online yet
    [22:47] Illuminati: BTW nice touch with the skin ;) How long you been working on that then?
    [22:47] Darker Development: not sure 1 h or so
    [22:47] Darker Development: just did a general style and used stuff from other skins (images)
    [22:48] Illuminati: Like the Cal skins?
    [22:48] Darker Development: cali = images
    [22:48] Darker Development: css = ib
    [22:48] Darker Development: style = lounge creation
    [22:48] Illuminati: Yep - Thought so
    [22:48] Illuminati: I definitely have been hanging at Invision skin sites too long to recogise Cali images :S
    [22:48] Darker Development: well IB sucks
    [22:49] Darker Development: i will change board software soon i guess
    [22:49] Darker Development: phpbb is simply better
    [22:49] Illuminati: Oh god - Not again :/
    [22:49] Darker Development: IB = max 500 users
    [22:49] Darker Development: PHPBB = 2000 and more with same load
    [22:49] Illuminati: I've been knee-deep in phpBB vs IPB debates thanks to trying to find a hack to integrate IPB with PHP-Nuke :/
    [22:50] Darker Development: IB is good for small sites
    [22:50] Darker Development: if you have 200 + users then you just invest and invest to the server
    [22:50] Darker Development: right now P4 2,4 Ghz 1.5 GB ram
    [22:50] Darker Development: and still slow here and there
    [22:50] Darker Development: phpbb same config = over 2000 that we could handle
    [22:50] Darker Development: without any lag
    [22:51] Illuminati: Well...:S
    [22:51] Darker Development: (Link:][/url]
    [22:51] Illuminati: Only thing I can say is get a better skin on.  Or one that seems similar
    [22:51] Darker Development: Who is Online - In total there are 3055 users online :: 2616 Registered, 111 Hidden and 328 Guests
    [22:51] Darker Development: shared server !
    [22:51] Illuminati: The default theme you find with phpBB is shat IMHO :/
    [22:52] Darker Development: same for IB
    [22:52] Darker Development: the default IB just sucks
    [22:52] Illuminati: True
    [22:52] Illuminati: Why didn't you change the default earlier then?
    [22:52] Darker Development: well i changed it the 3rd day as admin or so
    [22:52] Darker Development: so i thik thats fast enough
    [22:52] Darker Development: :p
    [22:52] Illuminati: True dat
    [22:53] Illuminati: What about the other forum systems - vBulletin and Ikonboard?
    [22:53] Illuminati: Just out of curiosity :)
    [22:53] Darker Development: ikonboard is the worst lgger that exists
    [22:53] Darker Development: VB = not allowed due their terms
    [22:54] Darker Development: VB is not much better anyway
    [22:54] Darker Development: PHPBB can handle more
    [22:54] Illuminati: You mean like "not to be used on anything like filesharing, etc..."?
    [22:54] Darker Development: yup
    [22:54] Illuminati: Ah
    [22:54] Darker Development: already asked them if i can buy
    [22:55] Darker Development:
    If your forums are 'associated' with I.P. violations then this would be against the license agreement. From your description, it does sound like that is the case. 

    I think IPB has pretty much the same restriction as us. However I don't think that phpBB restricts use in this area.

    All the best,
    Steve Machol
    Support Team, vBulletin

    [22:56] Darker Development: even they suggest phpbb hehe
    [22:56] Illuminati: IP violations?
    [22:56] Darker Development: Internet Piracy
    [22:56] Illuminati: Ah
    [22:56] Illuminati: Well, I don't think there's much of a choice then?
    [22:57] Illuminati: Got a rough time when you're planning the forum change?
    [22:57] Darker Development: well not sure yet right now we can handle 500 - 700
    [22:57] Darker Development: if it goes higher i will change
    [22:57] Darker Development: pretty stable atm
    [22:57] Illuminati: Okay
    [22:58] Illuminati: I'll have a stab at phpBB myself, see what it's like
    [22:58] Illuminati: Most phpBB forums stuck too much to the default theme - Which kinda explains my hatred of the phpBB interface :(
    [22:58] Darker Development: well i think that phpbb default even looks better than IB default
    [22:59] Illuminati: LOL
    [22:59] Illuminati: Well, I guess its a matter of test in the end
    [22:59] Illuminati: Though default-wise, I do prefer Invision ;)
    [22:59] Darker Development: well for small boards yup
    [22:59] Darker Development: cause more functions
    [22:59] Illuminati: BTW - One question, concerning PHP (Chances are, you'd know more than anyone else I know).
    [23:00] Illuminati: You ever tried PHP-Nuke or PostNuke?
    [23:00] Darker Development: yup
    [23:00] Darker Development: both
    [23:00] Illuminati: What are your experiences with them both?
    [23:00] Darker Development: good for small sites
    [23:01] Illuminati: I managed to get some quality webspace while you were gone, so I tried PHP-Nuke.
    [23:01] Darker Development: if you have more than 100 users online = you need a very powerfull dedicated server
    [23:01] Illuminati: Got my problems with it, but I was looking at PostNuke as well. Wasn't sure which to go with
    [23:01] Darker Development: phpnuke is the better one even if it is more closed
    [23:01] Darker Development: FB knows simply more than all guys of postnuke together
    [23:02] Illuminati: I have to admit - The PostNuke interface just seemed messy :/
    [23:02] Darker Development: well PN is a bit better if it comes to load
    [23:02] Darker Development: but in general phpnuke is better
    [23:02] Darker Development: but if you plan to have a big site bette just code something yourself
    [23:03] Darker Development: cause else you will pay for it :p
    [23:03] Illuminati: Well currently all I'm looking for is a place for my operations on the Net :P
    [23:03] Illuminati: I'll worry about coding my own when the load means I get kicked off AS Free Hosting and I have to pay for my own webspace ;)
    [23:04] Darker Development: yup but it still sucks then if you have to change afterwards and lose all content
    [23:04] Darker Development: its never early enough to start with some rock stable interface
    [23:05] Darker Development: i wouls start with PHPBB and website integration
    [23:05] Darker Development: thats the best that you can do
    [23:06] Illuminati: Well, I've been having a look at some of the PHP-Nuke code; it was necessary for the IPB-Nuke integration hack
    [23:06] Darker Development: the integrations are very buggy
    [23:06] Darker Development: be careful with that
    [23:06] Illuminati: I could write my own interface, but that would take some time learning PHP inside out and a lot more coding the bloody thing :/
    [23:06] Illuminati: Yep
    [23:07] Darker Development: plus currently you can hack every site that uses this integration
    [23:07] Illuminati: Have you seen the Integration Hack topic at the IPB forums?
    [23:07] Darker Development: cause there are 2 dangerous security bigs
    [23:07] Darker Development: bugs*
    [23:07] Illuminati: You on about exploiting the join between the two?
    [23:08] Illuminati: Truth be told, out of 22 pages only four pages can fit all of the useful code and posts - The rest are either impatient forum newbie admins pissed because they deleted one too many characters, or conflicting versions of the code
    [23:09] Illuminati: I gave up on it - Gonna have to be re-doing the PHP-Nuke install :(
    [23:09] Illuminati: I deleted the forums module in place of putting in IPB
    [23:09] Darker Development: well you will hate it hehe
    [23:10] Darker Development: both IB and PHPBB suck badly
    [23:10] Darker Development: its just too much different code to work with phpnuke
    [23:11] Illuminati: Already hating it - Two days effort on that bleeding code and it's gonna be a half-ass job, let alone a potential security nightmare
    [23:11] Illuminati: Time to clear out the webspace once again and re-install Nuke
    [23:14] Illuminati: Or not :D Forgot the modules directory is dynamic :)
    [23:14] Illuminati: BTW, if you know - what should the CHMODs be on PHP-Nuke?
    [23:14] Illuminati: First time I tried to install it, a few language permission errors cocked the whole thing up
    [23:15] Illuminati: Second time, I just set ALL the Nuke folders and sub-folders to 777 and the files to 666
    [23:15] Darker Development: well i would just not use it at all hehe its just too complex :p
    [23:15] Darker Development: not really needed all that trash
    [23:16] Illuminati: Alright - I was just wondering whether you knew :S
    [23:16] Darker Development: I worked with FB a lon time so yup i am fully aware about all the problems hehe
    [23:16] Illuminati: FB>
    [23:16] Illuminati: *FB?
    [23:16] Darker Development: the maker of phpnuke
    [23:17] Darker Development: Francesco Burzi
    [23:17] Illuminati: Ah - Francesco Burzi
    [23:17] Illuminati: You worked with him? o_O
    [23:17] Darker Development: yup on a few projects
    [23:17] Darker Development: long time ago hehe
    [23:17] Illuminati: What was he like back then?
    [23:18] Illuminati: Forums I read talk about him as having outbursts and treating the team like shat
    [23:18] Darker Development: same like now but he is a very cool person
    [23:18] Illuminati: Though most sources were linked to PostNuke <_<
    [23:18] Darker Development: he has no team
    [23:18] Darker Development: he does everything alone
    [23:18] Darker Development: he cant work well with people
    [23:18] Illuminati: Personality thing?
    [23:18] Darker Development: i guess thats why i could work well with him cause i work alone too
    [23:18] Darker Development: nah its just that he knows what he does and wants
    [23:19] Darker Development: and if he wants something then it must work his way
    [23:19] Darker Development: most people dont like that
    [23:19] Illuminati: I know that feeling myself
    [23:19] Illuminati: It kinda feels that if you do accept help from outside, it doesn&#39;t seem your creation any more :S
    [23:19] Darker Development: yup
    [23:20] Darker Development: well another thing is that he likes to decide things
    [23:20] Darker Development: which is a ood thing
    [23:20] Darker Development: but well users dont like that much :p
    [23:20] Illuminati: That, and you can get some arseholes wanting to work with you :/
    [23:20] Darker Development: i will feel the same soon at the kl board lol
    [23:20] Darker Development: the next step will be a drastic step - many wont like it :)
    [23:20] Illuminati: Care to elaborate? :S
    [23:21] Illuminati: Or are you talking about the IPB-phpBB move?
    [23:21] Darker Development: well first step will be to make posts worth less
    [23:21] Darker Development: aka counting in all forums
    [23:21] Darker Development: also lounge
    [23:21] Darker Development: to make sure that people dont spam other forums to get posts
    [23:21] Illuminati: Not sure about that, Darker
    [23:21] Illuminati: I&#39;d personally prefer to have post counts banned outright
    [23:21] Darker Development: its better if they stay in their forum (lounge) instead to spam other areas just to get posts
    [23:21] Darker Development: that would cause even more problems
    [23:22] Darker Development: then people will just be mad
    [23:22] Darker Development: they will come up with reasons like:
    [23:22] Darker Development: i want to see who i talk to
    [23:22] Darker Development: and how many posts this person did etc
    [23:22] Darker Development: its better to make them worth less than they are now
    [23:23] Illuminati: You&#39;re gonna get problems anyway, including: "This will encourage spammers", etc
    [23:23] Illuminati: Though you probably already thought it&#39;s a case of which problems you want :)
    [23:23] Darker Development: i dont care - i can live with my reasons
    [23:24] Illuminati: Well, it&#39;s a case of a member arguing with an admin - So I&#39;m not gonna go on ;)
    [23:24] Darker Development: hehe well its not really worth it anyway... :p
    [23:25] Darker Development: i run communities since umm since the net exists so i guess i have a little background :p
    [23:25] Darker Development: there is nothing that i didnt try yet i guess lol
    [23:25] Illuminati: Heh - Don&#39;t tell the others that
    [23:26] Illuminati: You&#39;re bound to get 13-year-olds screaming "then why the f**k didn&#39;t you make your own forum system then?&#33;?&#33;" ;)
    [23:26] Illuminati: Wait a sec - You were running communities on ARPANET? :o
    [23:26] Darker Development: cause there are already good ones out :)
    [23:26] Illuminati: Heh, sorry - Had to say the humour ;)
    [23:26] Darker Development: as long as phpbb exists there is no need for an own board :)
    [23:29] Darker Development: well time to sleep soon :p just wanted to tell you about the darker thing to make sure that you trust the new admin :p
    [23:29] Illuminati: I do
    [23:29] Illuminati: The question is - Does the new admin trust me? ;)
    [23:29] Darker Development: and please keep it to yourself - dont tell anybody (not even your best friend) :)
    [23:30] Illuminati: Relax - Any discussions I may have will be with the mods
    [23:30] Darker Development: i would not even talk with them for the case that they wnder why you know :p
    [23:30] Darker Development: else they might think that it is ok to tell trusted people :p
    [23:30] Illuminati: AFAIK, I&#39;m not sure why you told even me - I mean, I&#39;m not exactly one of the mod circle :S
    [23:31] Illuminati: Okay - I&#39;ll keep my knowledge away from even the mods
    [23:31] Darker Development: but you run a show since the start
    [23:31] Illuminati: Ah - Okay :)
    [23:31] Darker Development: so its a riht to know about changes :p
    [23:31] Illuminati: Before you do other radio admin though, a tip
    [23:31] Illuminati: Register another MSN contact under the name &#39;7thElement&#39;
    [23:32] Darker Development: yup i will do that
    [23:32] Illuminati: So if you need to, you can talk for the radio
    [23:32] Illuminati: You don&#39;t want to trip up now, do you? ;)
    [23:32] Darker Development: nah that doesnt happen this nick is unknown
    [23:32] Darker Development: 2 people on this list
    [23:32] Darker Development: so i dont have to care much about that
    [23:32] Illuminati: Who&#39;s the other? o_O
    [23:33] Darker Development: no idea added him for 3 mins for a smalltalk
    [23:33] Darker Development: and thats it lol
    [23:33] Illuminati: Ah :)
    [23:33] Illuminati: Do you use another IM as your main IM chatting then?
    [23:34] Darker Development: nah i dont use im much its pretty annoying
    [23:34] Darker Development: i had it once but umm killed my nerves lol
    [23:34] Illuminati: Well some truth in that :S
    [23:34] Darker Development: oh btw what was your time slot afain ? sat 9 - 11 right ?
    [23:34] Illuminati: Saturday, 9-11pm
    [23:34] Illuminati: 7th already knows ;)
    [23:34] Darker Development: k ill add that now
    [23:35] Illuminati: thx
    [23:35] Illuminati: Just let me know the server settings via PM before next week
    [23:35] Illuminati: I had to uninstall SAM2 - I&#39;m gonna reinstall for it to use a MySQL database on my hosting :)
    [23:38] *** "Darker Development" signed off at Sat Nov 29 23:38:27 2003.
    [23:38] *** "Darker Development" signed on at Sat Nov 29 23:38:32 2003.

    [23:38] Illuminati: Christ - I thought you was leaving :S
    [23:38] Darker Development: nah router reboot

    [23:39] Darker Development: k event is added
    [23:39] Darker Development: shows up starting from sat 6th dec every week
    [23:39] Illuminati: Thx :)
    Session Close (Darker Development): Sat Nov 29 23:39:40 2003

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    Ohhh it just gets better and better.This is why hardly nobody ever leaves this Place.

    *FC waits for what is next.*

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    Originally posted by FuNkY CaPrIcOrN@19 May 2004 - 20:37

    Ohhh it just gets better and better.This is why hardly nobody ever leaves this Place.

    *FC waits for what is next.*

    You know thats the truth

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    Never mind that&#33;&#33;

    Is Darker&#39;s brother ok?

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    lol this explains whats going on here. i bet you anything Error403 is prolly 7th on crack

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    Did the wedding go okay?

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    Originally posted by atiVidia@19 May 2004 - 15:40
    lol this explains whats going on here. i bet you anything Error403 is prolly 7th on crack
    no, im also 7th

    really missed a lot of drama when i was gone

    U RNT LEET LIKE ME&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;11111111111111

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    7,607 long as NikkiD is not Mary Whitehouse...

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    Originally posted by nigel123@19 May 2004 - 19:53 long as NikkiD is not Mary Whitehouse...

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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