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Thread: Simple Html Problem

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    i have an extreamly simple website (dont worry mods its nothing like a real website its something for fasttracker.) and im using HTLM stuff to put the images up, but i want to hyperlink the images, im making it in publisher becuase im litrerly spending about 20 minutes on it and 15 of those have been trying to hyper link these images, the site is HERE for example the movie image should link to HERE and the same with the otehrs. The HTML LINKING is like htis:

    in publsiher i go:

    PASTE IN CODE (for example
    <img src=>
    but how do i hyperlink this?

    quike answer plz, thnx

    EDIT fixed links

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    just like you&#39;d use [ url ] [ /url ] tags here around an [ img ] that you wanted to be a link. except you use teh <a> anchor tags.
    the href is the destination.

    &#60;a href=&#34;http&#58;//;&#62;&#60;img src=http&#58;//;&#60;/a&#62;

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