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Thread: My Idea To Save Money

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    okay here is my idea.

    I wanted to know how much bandwidth is used when one page is loaded. Here is what i did.

    1. I went to the first page in the first topic in the first forum (any random page will do). It was . I then went to save as in IE.

    2. Then I went into windows explorer to look at file sizes.

    the actual html page (KL Board - The Story Of This Forum.htm) was 129 KB
    i then looked at all of the images that came with the board (ie. the start new reply button, smilies etc.) the total of the 45 images was 58.7 KB

    here is where it gets intresting...
    now I totaled all of the sigs and avatars sizes 236 KB

    3. now for some math

    129 + 58.7 = 187.7 KB for board images and the html
    236 KB for personal files
    187.7 + 236 = 423.7 KB of downloading from the server to see one page.
    236/423.7 = 55.7 % of server bandwidth or 236 KB is used on sigs and avatars for only one page load

    but wait, theres more. In this topic many people posted twice. In theory, if 15 different people posted and each had 100 KB worth of sigs and avs thats 1500 KB.

    1500/1687.7 = 88.9 % of server bandwidth or 1500 KB is used on sigs and avatars for only one page load

    maybe we should make people host their own sigs and avs again?

    holy crap. I just figured how to cut bandwidth costs in half

  2. Everything Related to the Board   -   #2
    Could have a auto-reduce thing for avys. At the moment, massive pics just seem to be smaller but are in fact the size when uploaded....

    edit - just realised the page only DL's the image of the reduced one

  3. Everything Related to the Board   -   #3
    I told 7th a long time ago to use a reverse proxy cache, but no, who listens to me?


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